Sylvia commissioned to compose a jingle from scratch outlining specific tenets or rules, for Women in particular, concerning healthy living thru clean water provided by the Unilever sponsored, Sunlight (soap brand) Water Centres in villages such as those in Kubacha, Nigeria

Despite no part of me being Indian or speaking a lick of Hindi, Sylvia was commissioned to re-make the classic and beloved Indian comedy song, ‘Sara Jo’ in to ‘Tel maalish’.  Sylvia was to update/co-produce/sing/and perform in the music video for the promotion of the 2007 Indian film, ‘Road Movie’ Directed by Dev Benegal, starring Abhay Deol.

The classic Indian Comedy song was once performed by the beloved Johnny Walker from old classic Movie Pyaasa (1957)
This is the remake Sylvia was involved in. The movie did well and the song sounds great and it was a fun and unusual experience she was glad to be a part of : D