More Bongos!


Pulling off  2 brand new players to 3 new sets in a few short days is no small feat…but we did it! I love my new players so much I gotta keep ’em on. Fortunately our sub vibraphonist also plays synths and bongos! So come and see and hear the new fuller sound as we become a 5 piece this coming Saturday Aril 9th at The Roxy Hotel!

She’s a Tease

The sonic, visual, quickly digestible fruits of my labor of love. My music, my enjoyment venturing into the world of making videos. Here’s my ‘VALLEY LOW’ album teaser … Wanting to start promoting my video making/ editing work. Looking forward to taking a real editing class to get to the next level because so far I’m self-taught, no inhibitions, a lil sloppy ( but only with my own work ). For now, I work for CHEAP and I’m quick! Tell a friend… With money. Oh yeah and BUY MY ALBUM!